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Thread: Convert VHS tape to mp4

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    Re: Convert VHS tape to mp4

    I can only say: watch ebay, craigslist and other channels to see if one of those players pop up. Unfortunately, most people just see them as old electronics for the dump. Be patient.
    That's also how I found my favorite CVBS -> MPEG-2 digitizer.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Convert VHS tape to mp4

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
    There's no player.
    It is about $130 too expensive. All you need is a player for the tapes, a cable and a $30 USB TV tuner. I remember this question being asked about once a year in these forums. The hardware involved hasn't changed. I use a 950Q USB tuner to convert old stuff. The resolution on all those old tapes is about 360p, so don't expect to be wow'ed. These are old and there were many different versions that all used the same DSP (chip), so they use the same driver.

    I've used much more expensive capture methods, but none do any better than that cheap USB stick. The important part is being compatible with V4L2 drivers. Then you can use almost any video program on Linux that you like. You don't care about the tuner, just the analog video input (the yellow cord) and perhaps a stereo input. Those inputs need to come from the player(s) you rent or buy.

    If the tape players have HDMI output, then this $15 device is probably fine. Claims to support Linux. I didn't research at all. Could be bad quality device.
    Maybe they would have made some other discount for people who make three or more videotapes.

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