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Thread: i broke rocket league on steam

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    i broke rocket league on steam

    i have rocket league installed and used to be able to play it with steam and proton 6.3-5 a few days ago i started the game, and while it was in the process of starting up turned my ps4 controller on. Computer froze completely, after a hard reboot the game didn't start any more. starting it through steam at first looks like always, in the steam interface it goes from "launching" to "playing", sometimes first processing the vulkan shaders, sometimes not, then after a few seconds it looks like before and the game never starts.
    i tried reinstalling steam, i tried using different proton versions (which didn't even work before, when everything was still fine, but you never know...), reinstalling proton, reinstalling rocket league, reinstalling the nvidia drivers and also using all the different versions the driver manager is offering me. Nothing seems to help.
    If there are any console commands i should run and post here please let me know.

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    Re: i broke rocket league on steam

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