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Thread: Lock on wake-up standby

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    Lock on wake-up standby

    On laptop MSI GP72 6QE leopard pro | 5.4.0-80-generic x86_64 | Intel Core i7-6700HQ | 24 GiB | NVIDIA GM107M [GeForce GTX 950M]),
    installing Linux Mint 20.2 Xfce.
    Everything is working fine.
    But with a standby performed with the buttons offered by Xfce,
    The awakening of this suspension remains frozen:
    Black screen with the following message:
    PM: dpm_run_callback(): usb_dev_resume+0x0/0x20 returns -5
    PM: Device 1-7 failed to resume async: error -5
    Keyboard actions [Ctrl] Alt F1, to F7 are inoperative.
    The only possibility is complete shutdown of the laptop power supply by pressing the power button for more than 5 s.
    How can we solve this problem, because under Linux Mint 20.1 it worked fine.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Lock on wake-up standby

    Moved to Mint Sub Forum.

    installing Linux Mint 20.2 Xfce.
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