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Thread: Display issue after installing driver

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    Display issue after installing driver

    Hello I wanted to ask a little question, I have a laptop, HP, Core i510 with integrated graphics card Nvidia GTX 1050. It turns out that I install Linux, any Debian or Ubuntu variant and when I install the Nvidia drivers it happens that the integrated screen remains without signal, only HDMI port works. Any idea how to fix it. Greetings.

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    Re: Display issue after installing driver

    Moved to its own thread from here.

    Please do not hijack the threads of other users. Not only does that cause confusion, in this case you were responding to a thread that had already been marked "Solved" and it was not likely that anyone would bother to look at your issue.
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    Re: Display issue after installing driver

    you post our issue in ubuntu form and download related driver


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