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Thread: linux mint questions

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    linux mint questions

    ok today i got my laptop that has a new install of mint. when i logged on it came up and want to install a bunch of items. i guess that is a normal thing with a new install. but before i fill the hard drive up with duplicate files should i continue or stop and go with the flow.

    also because i use chrome for a browser on my win10 pc i'm thinking of either chrome or chromium. for the most part i figure either browser will use my bookmarks but i want to try and get my security camera system installed on this laptop. i now use tinycam app on my phone and tablet for this now, but in some research i see mint has some security camera apps also so if anyone has a good one for just home use feel free to hook me up.

    a few years ago i used the chromebook but because google decided to stop security updates for the older machines i went back to windows. but for the heck of it i want to give mint a try to see how it works and if i want to use it for my medical and banking sites. some say linux is way more secure than the other systems so that is why i want to give it a go. thanks bp

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    Re: linux mint questions

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    Re: linux mint questions

    Which release version of Mint do you have? It isn't going to add files on an update. If updates are required they generally replace the programs scripts with newer versions.

    I have google-chrome installed but can't really give an opinion on it as I rarely use it. Haen't had any problems but generally, most users say chromium is better on Linux.

    The only security camera app I have used is zoneminder which is fairly easy to install but is probably much more than you need. You might test the apps you have on Mint to see what works best for you.


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