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Thread: Wiping write protected USB

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    Re: Wiping write protected USB

    Going back to the original problem statement - Wiping a read-only USB widget:
    It will will only show read-only after the file system was mounted and there are errors in the file system.
    To wipe it, it must be unmounted. However, a desktop system will automatically mount the device when it is plugged in, causing a Catch-22.

    To wipe a widget, you got to Eject (umount) the device (on the right click menu), then you can create a new file system on it with gparted or similar.

    The bootable Ubuntu CDROM images are also bootable USB images. Therefore, to try Kubuntu, all you need to do is copy the CDROM image to the USB widget using a low level copy utility such as 'cat'. You do need to know what you are doing when using a low level copy utility, otherwise you can erase or overwrite an important disk drive. The mkusb utility prevents the most common mistakes in the copy process, so I second using that. You don't need to delete the USB widget before you run mkusb, you just need to ensure that the widget is Ejected (umount).
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