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Thread: AMDGPU-PRO and old Kernel

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    Unhappy AMDGPU-PRO and old Kernel

    Hello my dear ubuntu experts,

    because of a project I made my first steps to switch to Linux/Ubuntu. Encountered many challanges but until now I could solve almost all of them but one remains.

    This post is about getting amdgpu-pro driver for Fire Pro W5100 with opencl and DRM above 3.x to run houdini and prevent a lot crashes ..

    I could run Houdini on Windows but my first impression was that programming on Linux/Ubuntu was more comfortable and also some of the external libraries that I need require Linux (headers).

    However I can't install the latest drivers for Fire Pro W5100 (29.6.2021) because it's for older Kernels < 4.15.

    I have 5 questions:
    • 1.Is there any workaround for using newest Kernel and newest drivers?
    • 2.Are there any reliable sources for getting old Kernels?
    • 3.Downsides of using old Kernels?
    • 4.lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' -> Kernel driver in use: radeon <- shouldn't this atleast amdgpu?
    • 5.Do you know why would AMD release newest driver for old Kernels of Ubuntu and not for RHEL/CenOS?

    I wish you all a nice weekend

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    Re: AMDGPU-PRO and old Kernel

    Just looked up info for Fire Pro W5100, and apparently, it only supports OpenCL 2.0. Here is another link from AMD itself AMD itself with the same result.
    ...not much we can do about it.

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