I can't quite figure out where to post this, but it's been a consistent issue for quite a few months so I thought I'd see if I'm the only one.

I have a USB microphone and a USB webcam that I unplug when not in use. While the Ubuntu audio subsystem is getting better about not forcing me to reboot to recognize these devices, Firefox in particular seems to break audio for all applications if it is running during an audio device plug-in or unplug event.

To reproduce the bug:
1. Run Firefox (I am using 91.0b5 (64-bit) but this has been happening for a while).
2. Plug in or unplug a USB webcam with a microphone.

Expected behavior:
New audio device appears and works.

Actual behavior:
Audio generated by Firefox and I believe all other applications (at least Zoom, Chromium, and Signal Desktop, I haven't done this exhaustively) is extremely glitchy and sounds like an audio delay line with massive clipping.

I have to close Firefox and restart it every time I plug in or unplug a USB audio device despite the fact that every other program works fine during switchover.

Other Information:
I suspect this bug may be more general than just unplugging and plugging in audio devices, sometimes I see the audio start to get glitchy simply from opening two tabs that both produce audio. I'm really not sure where to report this bug, whether it's an audio thing, a Firefox thing, or something else. Thanks for any advice!