Hi all,

I've got a GK41 minipc which has HDMI and DisplayPort.

I've got the HDMI connected to a Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO to do lower-thirds and videos etc.

But I want to be able to VNC in to it to control OBS on one screen, and send the output of OBS to the HDMI screen.

I can't for the the life of me work it out.

I've tried a dummy DP adapter. No go. I've tried a DP to HDMI adapter, no go (and it's a fault with the GK41 apparently and only a couple of rare hard to get adapters work).

I've been trying to setup a virtual dummy screen but can't get it working.

Is anyone else doing this? I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and tried RealVNC server and NoMachine.

Thanks for any help or ideas.