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Thread: Installing Ubuntu on HP Omen Desktop

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on HP Omen Desktop

    Not making much progress yet, but I do not think that it is a forlorn case.
    You mention that there is some unused space on your NVME SSD but we do not know the original size of the disk?
    Quote Originally Posted by technicallytrue View Post
    Also, with regards to your second post, I dunno what to tell you. It didn't have that line.
    Can you run this and post the output:-
    lsblk -e 7 -o name,size,type,fstype,fsuse%,fsavail,mountpoint
    Quote Originally Posted by technicallytrue View Post
    I'm not trying to overwrite the Windows partition, it's just that the Windows partition doesn't take up the whole drive, so I want to use the rest of the drive (there should be about half left) for Ubuntu.
    Did you use Windows tools to reduce the Windows partition?
    Did you reboot Windows to allow chkdsk to run?

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on HP Omen Desktop


    From Post #1...
    Quote Originally Posted by technicallytrue View Post
    I recently decided to try installing Ubuntu on my PC (an HP Omen 25L desktop) alongside Windows 10 to dual boot.
    and confirmed by the OP 2 days back, he is trying to dual boot and not affect his Win 10 Install.


    Did you use Windows 10 > Storage Manager, to shrink your Windows partitions on that drive to create unused space on that drive for the install to happen on that drive? The reason to do this from within Windows, it that, it is possible to do it with a Linux utility, but those do not care nor keep track internal NTFS indexing, so will cause problems you would have to fix.

    So you are saying if you boot from an Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD, that it does not see your NVMe drive at all?

    For example, from an Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD ISO, download and run the system-info script in my signature line (from the UbuntuForum's Github), and lets see what that script says your system and machine information show's as... That will give people a clear picture of what may be happening. That in why I wrote that for the Forum: So that Users can get help, and so Forums Members can see what they are recommending solutions for, in order to help them.

    That will tell people if it is seen or not. And if not, if it is a BIOS setting or firmware version that may be causing that oversight. Please help people, to help you.
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