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Thread: security camera display problem

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    security camera display problem

    I have a couple of security cameras. I used to goto (view2, index, settings, etc). However, its all based on flash and flash is no longer. So, the address knows where its at and what it needs and it needs flash. I have tried finding a replacement but have failed finding anything that might work. I also suspect that the software, at the address, may need some kind of update or I need to use a different address or even install a program that will do the job.

    I should add that my camera's are part of a wireless NVR Kit and are hooked up to my router which is why the can be accessed. it automatically accesses "Network Video Client". I suspect you can do the same thing by using that address. It just pops up. The problem is that it needs flash to function. I have installed flash but it doesn't work, I have also installed a flash replacement which also doesn't work.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions on this one. If you goto html you will find some info. If you goto it will tell me I need to update the program but its offering me a .exe file which, I suspect, is for windows.

    Thank you............
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    Re: security camera display problem

    The 192.168 IP addresses are for local networks only. What software were you using? Were you using it on windows? You're right, and .exe file is useless on Linux. If you want software to manage security cameras on Linux, cheese is very basic and zoneminder is very complex and can do most anything you want. There are other programs alo available.

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    Re: security camera display problem

    Quote Originally Posted by jgw View Post
    However, its all based on flash and flash is no longer.
    I had the same problem. I own a few "Reolink C1 Pro" cameras and originally their software was all Flash-based. So I contacted their support, wrote them a nice e-mail and asked nicely if they could provide me with a HTML5 version that can function without Flash....

    And they did.

    Also: don't forget to check the support web pages / Firmware update site for your cameras? Could be that there is an official update from the manufacturer of your web cams that also eliminates Flash...


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