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Thread: Requesting formal review over heavy handed moderation by QIII

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    Requesting formal review over heavy handed moderation by QIII

    I am requesting a formal review by mods/admins OTHER than QIII for heavy handed moderation and account closure. Obvious bit of power tripping especially considering how I posted and then edited responses afterwards. Here is the thread: I posted an update to the thread with a final resolution and solution to the issue. At the end I made a comment about needing to take a shower because the solution involved using a copy of regular ubuntu and I had to expose myself to the default DE of regular Ubuntu and called the UI what some would consider a vulgar term. The rest of the post was what no one would ever have considered vulgar or offensive except obviously to QIII since I was bashing the DE. On the first takedown he said rephrase the paragraph and also stated that my referal to Unity or GNOME 2 was not worth rehashing since they were not longer used. My actual statement referred to Unity and Gnome 3 of which Gnome 3 IS the current DE, so my post was valid and I was talking about current software. I removed the vulgar term and reposted. He took it down again with a warning. I posted a third time and removed EVERYTHING but commented that I had made changes at the request of a power tripping mod, which is completely evident if you read the message that he complained about after the 2nd takedown. He even said that expressing an opinion of the DE was OK, but seemed to go on a power trip simply because my opinion of it was that I needed to shower after using it. This is a blatent case of a power tripping admin/mod, and I request a formal review and or reinstating of my old account that I had had since at least 2006 and my posting ability.

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    Re: Requesting formal review over heavy handed moderation by QIII

    Given that the ban was imposed by an Admin other than me, and given that creating a new account to avoid a ban is grounds for a ban, this account is now likewise banned.

    In the previous ban, you were invited to make your case to the Forums Council mailing list. You have done that. I will recuse myself from that discussion and leave it with the other Admins.
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