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Thread: Installing PCI-E RAID Controller Driver

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    Installing PCI-E RAID Controller Driver

    Hi all,
    I am pretty new to Ubuntu in general, so don't judge me too harshly if I am missing something obvious.

    I have a custom machine running 20.04 its with a PCE-E LSI 3ware 9750 SAS hardware RAID controller and 8 2TB drives all ready to go. I know that I need the drivers to use this device, and have found this:
    It says that I need to place two lines in my Kernel Configuration File, which I understand should be in usr/src/linux/
    The thing is I don't have a file called that in that location. Is the location different or am I doing something else very wrong?



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    Re: Installing PCI-E RAID Controller Driver

    what is the output of:
    sudo lshw

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    Re: Installing PCI-E RAID Controller Driver

    ActionParsnip asked you to open a terminal and query the PCI bus and post the output from it... I would have asked you the same. The reason for asking that, is to see "the How" of what Linux sees and identifies the Hardware RAID Controller Card as...

    I understand that you want instructions and help... as you said, step-by-step. That all depends on how ity is see by "your system," which can vary by the BIOS and the SouthBridge, and how it ID's what is in your PCIe Bus.
    sudo lspci | grep -i 3ware
    sudo lshw -C storage
    I can'r read minds "well"... But I am using an educated guess and reading tea leaves...And am thinking that your output is going to look similar to
    PCI: 13C1:1004 3ware Inc 9650SE SATA-II RAID PCIe
    PCI: 13C1:1005 3ware Inc 9690SA SAS/SATA-II RAID PCIe
    If what you run and the output is similar to the above (except for the bus/slot numbers... Then we will go from there.

    The Debain page is dated:

    That page is dated and the links are broken, but I have updated links, based on the output you post. Yours would be under 3w-9xxx...
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