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Thread: Buggy behaviour while moving large files

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    Buggy behaviour while moving large files

    Moving or copying files from drive to another drive makes my system behave very strangely. Sometimes it just stuck and sometimes it becomes very slow. Today I incounter new buggy behaviour. File manager stop working completely and it won't works. I tried to search about any services using file manager but nothing appears. Previously I thought this because memory so I increased my ram to be 12 gb but it still same. If anyone can guess the reason of these behaviours I will be grateful.
    I am using old machine hp laptop with i7 third gen 2.2 ghz *8

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    Re: Buggy behaviour while moving large files

    More details needed.
    What filesystem is on the disks; are they both a Linux filesystem or is one of them , or both, a Windows type, eg ntfs?

    Have you tried moving files with command line? That is usually faster.
    Are you moving lots of small files or a few huge ones or a mix of huge and small?
    How large are the huge ones?
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