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Thread: Ubuntu not booting properly

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    Re: Ubuntu not booting properly


    We cannot begin to help you sort this out without the information being requested. We aren't there to look at your machine. We weren't there when you were "trying some commands I saw in this forum" and we have no idea what those commands might have been. We are unable to divine the state of your machine without crystal balls. We can only help to the extent that you are able to give us information when asked.

    We are uninterested in the color of your hair or the size of your derriere. There is no need to mention those things. Please stop.

    If you cannot provide the information requested, then you might need to follow TheFu's advice and re-install. If you have little invested in the OS and no files you are worried about keeping, a clean installation would get things working again and leave you in a position where we might be able to help next time -- if you can describe what led to a future problem and what commands you issued.
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    Re: Ubuntu not booting properly

    In post #3 above, I attempted to provide a general method for solving Linux issues faster than "reinstall", but it does take some action and searching for relevant answers.

    The initramfs() stuff happens so infrequently, I see it perhaps once every 10 yrs.

    We really do want to help everyone seeking help.
    Different posters have provided things to try above. Did you try those things or not? What happened with each? If you ran commands, please post the exact command AND the exact output.

    This is where knowing how to save terminal commands and output to files is really useful. Then it can be saved to a flash drive and copy/pasted into these forums from another OS. No typing. The easy way is by having 2 windows open.
    a) the terminal where commands and output happen
    b) an editor that can write to a flash drive

    Step 1) run the command in the terminal
    Step 2) copy the command and all output into the editor, save that file to the flash drive. Select with the mouse, paste into the editor using the middle mouse button.
    Step 3) Boot whatever OS you run to login here for posting, copy/paste the file contents. In the Advanced Editor, there's a # button. It works just like the "B" button makes whatever is selected into a bold font. This is called "code-tags". Wrap the command and output in "code-tags". That will make reading the output much easier for us.

    Work through all the suggestions in the posts above. Try each. But be able to show us what worked and what didn't. If you don't tell us these things, then we'll never know.

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