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Thread: Two Update Notifiers Running

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    Two Update Notifiers Running

    I'm running 20.04.2 and when I upgraded from 18.xx.x to the current version I ended up with two update notifiers running. I've had "Software Updater" come up regularly which is fine, but the "Update Notifier" shows up several times a day. Please tell me how to get rid of "Update Notifier".
    Here is the screenshot:

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    Re: Two Update Notifiers Running

    I think one is from software&update (apt), the other is from the software center (packagekit) I think the two are quite independent. You can disable automatic update and automatic update notification from software center (click the three bars aka hamburger menu on upper right corner) and configure software&update to check maybe once a week and notify etc. The software&update interface is also accessible from software center.
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    Re: Two Update Notifiers Running

    Check Settings > Notifications.
    Turn off unwanted notifications from any application from here. See screenshot.
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