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Thread: Telegram Desktop suddenly fails attachments uploads

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    Telegram Desktop suddenly fails attachments uploads

    Telegram desktop app has been working well until now, (I think an Ubuntu software update occurred yesterday).
    Text uploads normally. Links transfer ('forward') between Telegram channels ok, and other users seem to be using it normally.
    My own account works ok including attachments uploads using android mobile phone,
    but on Ubuntu pc (ubuntu 18.04.5) attempts to upload an attachment (png, jpg) causes Telegram to hang and it has to be force quit.

    A guess might be that something re file management, file finder etc, has caused trouble?
    TIA for any comments

    I have changed the default file manager from nautilus to nemo but problem remains

    restarted the pc but chose an earlier version kernel
    Linux 3.19.0-80-generic x86_64
    to see if that works for telegram
    no joy, telegram still hangs after some small activity.
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