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Thread: Check if all data it was well copy

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    Re: Check if all data it was well copy

    Quote Originally Posted by ActionParsnip View Post
    Could use a bash loop to shasum each file from source and destination to verify
    Or use 1% par2 parity files. Then xfer over the *par2 files and run a verify task.
    $ more ~/bin/par2-create
    for filename in "$@"; do
       # Create a 10% recovery data with blocksize of 300KB
       nice par2 create -s307200 -r10 "$filename"
    This script is dependent on filenames NOT having any spaces. The space is a natural delimiter, so running the command as par2-create * will create a set of par2 parity files for every file in the CWD.

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    Re: Check if all data it was well copy

    Hello, I am back,
    I am so sorry for my absence but I only got it now it is possible appear here (In the last few months I couldn't even read the linux book or anything :/ ).

    At the moment I have three hard drives from different computers on the same computer (ubuntu server). Which result in different users and permissions (which result a complication to copy and organize all data). What is the best strategy to put all files under the same user?

    I have the root user (normal) plus the system user plus and an user in samba. When a folder is created/changed under/through the windows computer, that files remains with the samba user. Is this good practice?

    My goal it is organize all data and after that following a tutorial to learn and create a ubuntu server with option samba (because on my network I have a computer windows)


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    Re: Check if all data it was well copy

    Could use md5sum on the files as a quick and dirty way to check the files have copied OK

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