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Thread: Laggy performance. Steam, Counterstrike Global offensive

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    Question Laggy performance. Steam, Counterstrike Global offensive

    I have an MSI gaming lap top with 16gb RAM and an NV124 / Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (HSW GT2) graphics card... so should be plenty.
    When I run Counter Strike Global Offensive, my laptop runs super slow in game and when I switch back to other applications (with game still running in background)

    Please can anyone help a noob looking for some distractions?

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    Re: Laggy performance. Steam, Counterstrike Global offensive

    install nvidia drivers and make sure you run the game with the prime command so it uses nvidia GPU instead of intels GPU.

    ever since the February updates this year, game takes a lot longer to start and for some reason it also perform worse than in past. in any case even the intel GPU should be good enough to run it but make sure settings are not cranked up to high. if you run it with intel GPU, then try from lowest settings or at least from combination low, low, mid, mid video setting and then increase as you go. reduce resolution and then increase it to see where it is optimal. CSGO has lower latency on lower resolution (more FPS) so many pros use the lowest possible and stretch it so the heads are bigger.also if you have some settings on high, you will get more stuff on screen like lush gree scenery blocking your view, but the opponent running low setting will see you quite well.

    also there are still plenty of cheaters in mach making (even if you bought prime), so you need a tough skin or you can play with friends that are not cheating and bots. lately i had most clean games on casual. but i am sure it would change soon.

    anyway hope you enjoy the game. it is really good & well balanced game, if it wasn't for the cheaters.
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    Re: Laggy performance. Steam, Counterstrike Global offensive

    awesome thanks you star...
    your reply prompted me to find this which has sorted it out - have switched to NVIDEA drivers:


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