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Thread: Printing Issues

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    Printing Issues


    As you might have seen my previous posting you will realise I am an experienced IT Technician but with absolutely no experience of Linux in any shape or flavour. I have a questions about printing please, I have a Canon laser printer that is connected by a network and has an IP address.
    When I add the printer by IP address it downloads the drivers and installs them for me - so far so good - just like Windows does.
    When I try sending a print to the print it sys "Printer Not Started" it also states I can only print test only documents.

    Help please



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    Re: Printing Issues

    Hello Jack

    I'm certainly no expert but have a couple thoughts. First I would see if I had the app "system-config-printer" installed. If not, I'd install it from the repository. Launch it and see if it tells you anything interesting such as making sure the printer is enabled. Second, I would probably install the drivers from Canon. My experience with the drivers installed automatically is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, at least not as well as I expect. Linux uses something called CUPS which is quite powerful but I am not at all familiar with it. Here are Canon's Linux drivers:

    Not all Canon printers have Linux support, you'll want to check by model if you use that method. I used a model I've looked at in the past.


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