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Thread: Airplane mode on when powering up the computer

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    Airplane mode on when powering up the computer

    Hello All
    On my new Lenovo 15G2 ITL machine, running Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, now, when I power up the laptop, the airplane mode is on.
    It was not like that when I got the computer a few weeks back. Airplane mode was off and the Bluetooth mouse was running fine.
    Then, the Bluetooth was shut down on boot up for a while (I had to log in to turn it on and get the mouse working.
    Then, since a week, the WiFi also is off on boot up.
    I can't find a hardware reason for this and nothing wrong in the BIOS about this. I Can't find a reason on the syslog messages about that either.
    So I need your help and advice on what to check to troubleshoot this annoying behavior.
    Many thanks in advance for your help !
    Have a nice day and stay safe !

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    Re: Airplane mode on when powering up the computer

    I vaguely remember there being a difference in how networking is handled. There is system-level controls which can start networking before a login happens and there are per-user network controls, which doesn't connect until a user session is active. The second is more convenient for laptops, since individual non-sudo users can manage wifi connections. It also lets the system save the battery by disconnecting wifi and bt connections when they aren't active.

    But I could be wrong.

    By any chance, were any power settings modified recently? Perhaps power-saving mode?

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    Re: Airplane mode on when powering up the computer

    Hello TheFu !
    You were right. My problem came from a power saving software set to "extreme". The software I installed a few days ago is slimbookbattery from Slimbook Ubuntu laptop maker from Spain.


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