I'm looking at switching from windows 10 to ubuntu on my desktop.

i mainly use my desktop for
gaming ( window or doxbox)
video and picture editing
web scraping and loading to stock info to database for analysis.
game developing

I use the following and would like to know what I need to do to run them on ubuntu.
I think that some will have a Ubuntu version that I'll need to install.
but i see posting about emulators but not sure which one is best or if they are really needed.

several Steam game (DCS, Xcom, etc...)
several EA games ( Battlefield,...)
several windows ( non steam of non EA controlled )
WOrld of Tanks
Battle Net games

CHCTmgr -- a CH-Products controller software for joysticks and other controller

-- other software: short list --
vb script
epson scanner software
powerbuilder (Sybase)
obs studio
visual studio

i can probable figure out which software has a ubuntu version but i really need to know what i need to run the above software.

Thanks Tim.