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It does know that a new virtual GPU has been provided. I switched the virtual graphics hardware from a generic VGA to a QXL driver a few years ago. QXL is used by SPICE, which can make the fastest non-passthru hardware solution for virtual machines. OpenGL framerates are much better using QXL and SPICE than with any other virtual solution I've seen. It is faster, by far, than x2go/NX protocols which blows away rdp and vnc stuff.
Not to completely derail the thread, but did you need to do anything special to get OXL working? I've been using either "default" or "vmware" for my Displays and I haven't really thought about it since I normally don't access the console.

@OP: I can't really recommend anything other than either dual booting with Windows (which can be a pain), or installing Windows onto an external SSD and then booting off of it if you want to use Ubuntu as your main OS.