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Thread: losetup creating unwanted encrypted loop device

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    losetup creating unwanted encrypted loop device

    I'm running a script I found at to convert a Pinephone 64 3GB .img file to a PureOS .img that the PP 64 can boot.
    When it reaches the losetup part, I'm getting a mount error:
    ================================================== ==================

    • sudo losetup -f
    • LO=/dev/loop26
    • sudo losetup -P /dev/loop26 librem5r4.img
    • sudo mount /dev/loop26p2 sd mount: /home/steve/purepp/sd: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'

    ================================================== ==================
    From what I understand, the losetup default is to create an unencrypted loop device. I've tried inserting the [ -e none ] option into the losetup command, but apparently "-e" is an invalid option.
    Why would losetup create an encrypted loop device when the default is unencrypted? TIA for any assistance provided.

    EDIT: It seems that the script requires the newly created loop device to be luks encrypted to run successfully. The script does not contain any commands to encrypt the loop device. Can anyone tell me which commands to add to create a luksFormat encrypted loop device? Thanks.

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    Re: losetup creating unwanted encrypted loop device

    You'll need to review the cryptsetup manual page. I think it is too complex to just unleash commands without reading the other parts in that manpage. Sorry.

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