I am running a pci pass through Windows 10 vm via KVM. It's been working wonderfully. For awhile I was hitting an error where the graphics would die then come back after a minute or so. Event 4101. Google told me to switch to the official drivers from AMD (RX 570). I did this with a full "factory reset" of the drivers and the problem didn't go away. Not only did it still happen but I noticed frequent stuttering and low fps in my World of Warcraft. I tinkered with the AMD control software for a bit. Then I just reset so to speak... fully uninstalled the AMD software and re-enabled Windows update to manage my drivers. Reboot and all is well. The video card problem is gone and I got my FPS back where it was.

Can anyone explain this type of thing? One would think that the drivers from the OEM would be more reliable but they were a total bust for me, not only in fixing the problem but the lower fps in game which is without question a problem.

To be fair this is no longer an issue. I'm just curious why something from the OEM would be worse than something that was modified? in whatever way for Windows 10? (or whatever they do to put them in their update channels)