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Thread: VirtualBox unusable graphics when run over ssh -X

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    Re: VirtualBox unusable graphics when run over ssh -X

    scorp123, thanks for trying to help but this is not a speed problem. I had already played with all that before starting this thread, and using the optimal of those settings doesn't affect this issue even over direct wired connection.

    Anyway I came back here to say that while the tunneled-VNC solution works for starting VMs, it isn't working so well for using the VM as some keys don't register properly through VNC. Apparently this is a known issue with translating VNC keystrokes into key codes. The workaround I chose is based on a post I found in VirtualBox forum: I use VNC for the VirtualBox manager interface and powering on the VM, but for actually working in the VM VirtualBox has its own RDP server (Settings > Display > Remote Display) which I can also tunnel through SSH and point KRDC to that. It's not as fast as VNC but I think it's still good enough for my intended sort of use.
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