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Thread: GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

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    Question GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

    ​I had no problems while installing and using DaVinci Resolve in windows. But when I installed it in ubuntu, it is showing that GPU unsupported(I have attached the screenshot below)
    Screenshot from 2021-06-07 09-52-02.png

    In Windows the GPU gets identified automatically (see pic below):
    Windows DaVinci.jpg

    In Ubuntu the GPU is not getting identified (see pic below):
    Ubuntu DaVinci.jpg

    My Configuration:

    Laptop: DELL Inspiron 15 5580
    Processor: i5-8265U
    Integrated graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

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    Re: GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

    We do not consider it nice behaviour for someone to make more than one request for help with the same problem. The time difference between your two threads is nine hours. So, which one is the correct thread to post the answer to?

    I am not familiar with DaVinci Resolve. I do not know what it is or what it does. There is strong possibility that the Linux version is not as well maintained as the Windows version. You may be seeing a bug in the Linux version that the DaVinci developers know about and yet lack the same incentive to fix as they have with bugs in the Windows versions of their code.

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    Re: GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

    Actually I am new to Ubuntu so I did not know how to edit the previous post to add some more details(you can check both the threads for yorself) and I was having an error when I was going to edit it, so I created a new thread adding the extra details.

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    Re: GPU not being identified while opening DaVinci Resolve

    Were running the same hardware on different Dells and I considered loading DaVinci , but I am unwilling to pass out personal information for their registration. So no way to test. Hopefully your running a supported and updated ubuntu; latest graphic driver installed. Have you posted this in the davinci forum? It does sound like a software problem, not linux.

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