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Thread: mouse input lag

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    mouse input lag


    I recently upgraded to 21.04 on my intel nuc and have had issues with with mouse being very laggy or unresponsive after a few hours. i have to log out via ctrl+alt+del then log back in again i am not sure what was changed via the upgrade process and have checked all my settings but but cant seem to find a fix for my problem. my keyboard is fine its just the mouse that is not working and i have tried different brand of mice as well all have the same problem

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    Re: mouse input lag

    It is possible to be a software problem, but I am more inclined to think of it as a hardware problem. How many powered / non-powered hubs are you using? Can we try to only use powered hubs? Can we also try disconnecting everything that is not needed right at this moment and see what happens? The 5 volt line is what I am worried about. Something could be pulling that too low. (I even have a powered hub here that did the same thing: hub worked fine, but anything else plugged into any other USB port had issues. Eliminated powered hub and all was well.)


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