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Thread: Ubuntu 21.04 generally faster than Win10 on Ryzen 5500U

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    Ubuntu 21.04 generally faster than Win10 on Ryzen 5500U

    Phoronix has been doing more benchmarks. This time the same hardware with Win10 and Ubuntu 21.04 are compared.
    Ubuntu 21.04 and other Linux distributions continue working out fairly well with the Ryzen 5 5500U / Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15. Not a bad 6 core / 12 thread laptop at all for $450 USD, if the 8GB RAM is enough for you.
    It wasn't a blowout. A composite of the benchmark scores shows that Ubuntu is about 2% faster overall, but in the "win" comparison, Ubuntu won 63% of the time.

    For me personally, the Ryzen 5 CPUs are the sweet spot for price/performance/watts. I've been limiting my CPU purchases to 65W or less the last 5 yrs and my power bill has shown those choices. Ryzen 5700 is a 95W desktop CPU. The Ryzen 5600 is a 65W CPU and about as fast as the 1st-Gen Ryzen 9 CPUs. CPU performance really has progressed for both Intel and AMD the last few years.

    Just imagine how much faster Xubuntu would be than Win10 on this same hardware!


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    Re: Ubuntu 21.04 generally faster than Win10 on Ryzen 5500U

    I run an 8th gen i5 and say Windows is slightly faster at some things, Ubuntu slightly faster at other things, it's pretty even. Ubuntu is ran as a guest in vbox. I suppose if I dual boot Ubuntu would have a advantage. With multi core machines everything is fast and yes I'm happy with 8G of ram. I split guest and host resources 50/50.

    My processor has a max draw of 25 watts and typical is 15. Mobile technology is amazing. I only run Intel because everyone knows change is bad I want my next desktop computer powered by i7/i9; 6 or 8 core. i7 + 6 core = good price

    I shortly ran Budgie a guest session. And yes it was fast, but when comparing fast with faster the difference does not seem to matter that much to me.

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