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Thread: Lubuntu Account issues

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    Lubuntu Account issues

    I'm using Lubuntu 14.04 and am having a few issues with accounts and login screen.

    1. I've gone to the "User & Groups" utility. Created 2 new users (1 admin, 1 standard).
      Then deleted the old user account (who had this PC originally).
      But when I open the utility back up, the account is there again.
      I've tried removing the Group that has the same name. Same result.
    2. The login prompt still gives the option of the old user account I deleted.
      It also gives the option of Guest, which I want to disable.
    3. I want to change the login screen so that it prompts for BOTH username & password.
      Right now it has a dropdown that shows "Full Names" instead of "User Names".
      Then a field to input your password.
      I want 2 fields to manually type both in.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Lubuntu Account issues

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS reached it's end of 5 years of standard support life in 2019-April (see

    Lubuntu 14.04 LTS being a flavor had only 3 years of support, thus reached it's EOL in 2017-April

    I'd suggest moving to a supported release of Lubuntu (esp. if using amd64 or an architecture that is supported), otherwise a partially supported release like 18.04 (which still gets updates for some packages).

    No GUI component of Lubuntu 14.04 gets ESM security updates, so if you continue using 14.04 ESM I'd suggest switching desktops.

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    Re: Lubuntu Account issues

    Please do not ask the community to attempt to help with a release that is so old and no longer supported.

    Do a fresh installation of a supported version and, if you find you have issues, seek support then.

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