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    Ubuntu Universal V2

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking, but here goes (please re-direct me if necessary)..!

    So during a search/hunt for "disc artwork" (disc label) (DIYMarketing) I happened across what I think is a very nice design by "theeldis" on DeviantArt, entitled "Ubuntu Universal V2".


    The problem I am having is "edit-ability"! He mentioned in the comments/description that "For those who wants to put a specific version label on this cover, I will upload a psd file too, on spreadubuntu. So as soon as I do that, I will paste the links here." The problem(s) are, I do desire to edit, actually a lot more than just adding a 'specific version label' (IE: desktop/server) actually. However, I cannot seem to find any of his (possible) PSD uploads... Spreadubuntu itself doesn't appear to be operational (at least right now at the time of writing)...

    I have attempted to inquire directly to the author, both on deviantart and in an email (the email listed on the preview picture), but since he created this in 2011, I wonder if he will even receive my messages/inquiries (I wonder if he is still "active")... So at least for the time being, I feel my only possible recourse is, finding the PSD, if he ever did release it; or manually editing the available PNG, into an edit-able layered PSD/XCF myself...

    I am starting the "project" of editing/recreating it myself in GIMP, but I still can't help but feel I will not be able to fully/properly replicate it 1:1... So I figured I would reach out to see if there is a PSD floating around for this! Worst case scenario I do suppose I will eventually have a "passable" copy/recreation... Though I also couldn't imagine how much effort will be saved if I can locate the original PSD!

    I do believe the most difficult part will be performing a 1:1 replication of the gradient, and I'm admittedly not perfectly versed in GIMP, so also maybe if anyone "out there" knows how to "copy" a gradient - then I could get an exact 1:1 replication!

    Either way, thank you in advance for any and all help that anyone is willing to provide
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