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Thread: 21.04 update issues

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    21.04 update issues

    1. No “progress output” during initial OS load.
    It works as expected on 20.10

    ( I use this “running log “ to monitor “grub” )

    How to set it ? And where? What is the official name ?
    ( I think it is set in "grub" ,but not sure)

    2. The 21.04 OS load takes more time than when loading 20.04

    3. Executing desktop icons is very slow.
    4. Using terminal to run “reboot” takes more time and gives no “progress output”.

    5. There in no 21.04 entry in “grub” on multi boot system

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    Re: 21.04 update issues

    Can you provide the contents of your grub.cfg file?

    $ cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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    Re: 21.04 update issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Xian View Post
    Can you provide the contents of your grub.cfg file?

    Prefer not to.
    It is about 6 pages long and cannot be edited anyway.
    The "progress output" is enabled in grub itself ( disable splash or something like that ) but for SPECIFIC OS on my multiboot system
    Still trying to have a clean 21.04.

    The most frustrating part of 21.04 - it has a hard time accessing 2TB and 3TB ,both USB ,disks - takes forever...
    ( and hope nobody will say "it is USB problem - it works fine in 20.10)

    Some other timing issues are inconsistent -
    my UEFI is stet for 3 seconds and takes up to 10 seconds ,
    I get "folders" on desktop and then after up to 10 seconds I get the applications "icons"

    These are not problems , just (it is) peculiar how new and "improved" version gets screw-up.

    $ cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg

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    Re: 21.04 update issues

    Oh, I thought you was asking for help but I was wrong. You are just complaining. This forum has a Ubuntu, Linux & OS chat section for stuff like this.

    By the way, there is no Grub progress bar. Once the Grub timeout is complete and even before the Grub boot menu is wiped off the screen Grub has done its job by launching Linux. That progress bar is a splash screen that is supposed to cover the printout that Linux puts on the screen as it loads the various bits and pieces that make up Linux. At the end of that a display manager takes over the screen and we get a login screen.

    To get a 21.04 entry in the Grub menu in a multi-boot system you will need to determine which of the installations is in charge of Grub. Load that installation and run

    sudo update-grub
    In the printout you should see all the operating system that are detected. It should include 21.04 and then at the next reboot 21.04 will appear in the Grub menu. The Grub utility that creates the Grub menu looks for a text file at /etc/lsb-release. It is from that text file that the name and version of an OS is taken and put into the Grub menu. If lsb-release is inaccurate, then so is the Grub menu.

    I used to know which folder the images for that splash screen were kept. But that was a few years ago. I know longer remember. I do remember two little images. One a set of white dots. The other a set of red dots. It isn't really a progress bar. Just a repeating overlay of a few images on a coloured background image.

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