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Thread: Ubuntu 20.04 Server makes my machine scream with Long continuous beeping sound alarm

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    Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Server makes my machine scream with Long continuous beeping sound al

    Quote Originally Posted by mortalkorona View Post
    @LHammonds, @CharlesA
    If my HBA RAID card self-destructs, will I be able to physically move my 1 HDD disk to a NAS or a JBOD machine and still access the data in my HDD disk?

    I might consider expanding my Chia mom & pop operation and purchase an enterprise grade rack and put it in my small apartment to house all the HDD disks that I fill up. Since according to the Chia Network team plotting (blockchain calculations) and farming (blockchain sharing) should be done on 2 separate machines and not all in one if I want 24/7/365 uptime with my operation.

    .................................................. ....

    It depends on the implimentation. Normally, if it's a hardware RAID card and you use another one from the same vendor or the same family, it might work, but it also might not work.

    With that said, there are some implementations of intel fakeraid (which is just a crappy version of software RAID) that mdadm can read, but I wouldn't count on that happening for most hardware RAID cards.

    That's also another reason why I moved off of hardware RAID - when I bought my LSI 9260-8i, it cost me about 200 dollars. The replacement was about the same cost.. three or four years later.

    Now I'm using pure HBA cards (LSI 9201-8i), which are dirt cheap and adding an SAS expander (HP 32-port SAS) if I need it. I'm only running 8 drives currently, but I've had up to 16 connected when I was moving data to a new array. I like the fact that I can move a mdadm or ZFS array to new hardware without having to also keep the RAID card/HBA the same. That means I can go buy any HBA off ebay or whatever and be back up and running instead of having to search for a specific card and pay out the nose for it because it's a "RAID card."

    Now with all that said - My server sucks down about 200-300W depending on load with the 3 SSDs, and 8 + 3 hard drives. It's nowhere near energy efficient, but I just have to deal with it. Please keep the cost of energy in mind before you go all out with Chia farming.

    Quote Originally Posted by LHammonds View Post
    My understanding of RAID may be dated but from what I know, ONLY software RAID is capable of being portable to different hardware. When using hardware RAID, you are bound to that RAID hardware so taking a RAID'd HD from that machine and sticking it into something else will require re-formatting the disk and losing whatever data is on it.

    * JBOD vs RAID - Differences
    * Adaptec RAID 71605 (noticed Ubuntu support up to 14 but did mention driver source code)

    I don't really have much to add to this, but I just wanted to say that both links are pretty good.

    This is also a good article - it's oldish.. but still valid:

    Serve The Home has a ton of good info and reviews of different hardware too.
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