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Thread: do-release-upgrade fails cryptically without snapd

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    do-release-upgrade fails cryptically without snapd

    I updated my 20.10 server to 21.04 and had to solve a problem along the way.

    I minimize the attack surface on this VM server machine by running only what I know I need. I run snaps only within VMs so I disabled snapd on the base machine.

    Turns out that the do-release-upgrade installer assumes snapd is available. Failure signature is:
    -- 0:hirsute -- time-stamp -- May/11/21 21:34:25 --

    Restoring original system state


    Googling revealed a bug report from a prior release upgrade that found snapd absence caused a silent abort. The bug was rejected.

    Enabling and starting snapd cleared the problem.

    Posting in case someone else encounters a similar issue.
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    Re: do-release-upgrade fails cryptically without snapd

    Thanks for the post. Time to make a decision about the OS our servers use, I suppose.

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