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Thread: Wireless keyboard Logitech K330 issue after USB keyboard use

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    Wireless keyboard Logitech K330 issue after USB keyboard use

    Running Ubuntu 21.04 on my raspberry pi. Successfully used Logitech wireless keyboard K330 and mouse M215 2nd gen with this system. The wireless keyboard batteries died yesterday and I plugged in a USB keyboard to use while the batteries were recharging. Now, when the USB keyboard is detached, the Logitech wireless keyboard is not recognized by the applications, but the Logitech wireless mouse performs normally. I tried using the wireless keyboard on Terminal, Text Editor, and Firefox and all failed. The ONLY time the wireless keyboard works with the USB keyboard detached is when I click on the 9 dot matrix in the lower left corner of the screen and then search for a program name.

    One last observation when testing with Terminal with the USB keyboard detached, I do not see a solid flashing cursor after my user name ==>bob@rpi-hippo. I only see an outline of the cursor. When I plug in the USB keyboard, cursor turns white and begins to flash and the wireless keyboard properly works. I get the same results using Text Editor and Firefox. When I unplug the USB keyboard, the wireless keyboard no longer works.

    I saw posts about this problem on a Windows OS and the suggestion was to reinstall drivers. Nothing related to linux though.

    I checked settings and search the Ubuntu forum and did not find an answer. Your help will be appreciated.
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    Re: Wireless keyboard Logitech K330 issue after USB keyboard use

    What happens if you shut the PC down, disconnect the wired keyboard, reboot with just the wireless hooked up?


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