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Thread: Thinkpad T470s function keys problem

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    Thinkpad T470s function keys problem

    Ubuntu 21.04 on Thinkpad T470s here, works as a charm EXCEPT that the multimedia keys (volume/brightness) does not work as expected.
    Used xev to test, and Vol up reports XFAudioRaiseVolume but Vol down and brightness keys reports wrong (none) recognized values. I have tested Windows and they keys works as expected there, so no obvious hardware issue.

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    Re: Thinkpad T470s function keys problem

    Sometimes, things like that can be resolved with BIOS updates. I don't know if there's a specific fix for that issue because Lenovo doesn't make it easy to see the updates. They don't make a changelog. You have to to check/click the notes for each individual BIOS release. PAINFUL.


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