Here are some details of my system :
1. I am on Ubuntu 21.04 with a fresh installation.
2. I am dual booting with Windows 10.
3. I am not using HDMI ports
4. Sound is working when I connect a wired headphone or even earbuds through bluetooth.

Issue is that the sound is not coming out of Desktop speaker.

But if I change the Sound Profile to "Analog Stereo Duplex" even if it is appearing as Unavailable at PuseAudio Volume Control app, then the desktop sound works only till the next booting. So on each log in I have to change the sound profile to get the sound working.
No sound.png

I would also like to add that the original issue was "dummy output" which still shows post login and no sound card is detected. I tried with all different suggestions that I found in this forum related to dummy output. But the above issue still remains.

Thanks for your help!