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Thread: Language support NOT working and weird HHD format

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    Angry Language support NOT working and weird HHD format

    Hi there, this is my very first steps on Linux/Ubuntu and so far .... not so good.

    I did a fresh install from scratch of Ubuntu and I already have problems. Hardware wise, everything is OK but I can't add a second language for my keyboard and I couldn't install Wine (that part is being taken care by the guys at Wine). Alos, I've done a fresh install so how come I see a FAT from windows and there seems to be some partitions not showing or missing. Very weird.

    My version of Ubuntu:

    me@Computer:~$ lsb_release -cs
    OS NAME: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
    OS TYPE: 64-bit
    GNOME VERSION: 3.36.8
    Windows system: X11

    As mentioned, I did a FRESH install of Ubuntu on this computer. The hardware seems to be OK and I can connect to the network (cable, WiFi all good). I installed Ubuntu in English and followed all the steps. Then I tried to add the French keyboard but it's impossible!
    - setings works
    - Language and region panel shows on the screen
    But that's it. When I click on Manage Installed Languages the language windows appears and disappear so fats that I had to click several time on Manage Ins. Lang. to figue out what was the title of the panel showing for less than half a second. So I;m unable to make any written document in French.

    - It's a fresh install
    - Libre Office downloaded and installed right after
    - Tried to install wine, but it got stuck (checking with the guys at wine atm).
    - IMPORTANT: I tried to add the french keyboard PRIOR installing Libre Office and Wine and it didn;t work.

    2) HDD
    I installed Ubuntu and allowed to erase everything and to do a wipe of the empty space. I then checked the partitions I see few weird things.
    - There's a FAT partition: 537MB at the begining
    - There are partitions 2 and 5, but no 3 and 4

    Can someone tell me if it's normal or not and if not how to fix that. I plan to have this computer on Ubuntu only, no dual boot. I'll use wine to play Diablo 2 tho.
    I'm attaching a screen capture for the HDDScreenshot from 2021-04-25 13-03-36.png

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Language support NOT working and weird HHD format

    This looks normal to me.
    The disk has an msdos style partition table. This kind of partition table only allows for up to 4 partitions. It always describes 4 partitions, whether or not they are actually used.

    Partition 1 is the EFI bootloader partition. You will notice that this is mounted at /boot/efi. Don't mess with the bootloader partition.

    Partition 2 is an "Extended" partition, which fills the rest of the disk. This type of partition acts as a container for other partitions, and is commonly used to allow having more than 4 partitions on an msdos style disk.

    Partitions 3 and 4 would be the other two msdos-style partitions, but in this case we are not using them.

    Partitions 5 and 6 are "logical" partitions inside partition 2. Probably Linux bootloader and encrypted data. It is normal to put these inside the extended partition, for the freedom to have more partitions and to resize them more easily if required.

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    Re: Language support NOT working and weird HHD format

    Cog: Woof woof woof-woof wooof, waouf weouf-wiouf, wooooof.
    Translation: Thanks for the info, I now feel reassured about this. Cheers! ... errr I mean: Woooooooof!

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    Re: Language support NOT working and weird HHD format

    Now if anyone can help with the language thing it'd be awesome.


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