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Thread: Hirsute Hippo Alternative Wallpaper

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    Lightbulb Hirsute Hippo Alternative Wallpaper

    I cannot imagine myself using the default wallpaper, so I made an alternative:

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    Re: Hirsute Hippo Alternative Wallpaper


    Please do not post or link large images. Even in today's day and age, there are users here with slow connections and even data limits. You could actually cost someone a bit of money. Please use the attachment facility provided by the paperclip button above the text entry box. That will create a small thumbnail image and users can decide whether or not to expand it.

    I have also removed the URL you gave. I have been lenient because I have no reason to believe its inclusion was deliberately meant to advertise. However, it does have links to purchasing content. We would generally consider that to be spam and summarily issue a ban. I don't think that was your intent. But bear this in mind for the future, please.

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