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Thread: Finger print reader

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    Finger print reader

    I just bought a Dell laptop. I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and all is fine except it doesn't recognize the fingerprint reader. lsusb give me this: " ID 27c6:538d Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd." which I believe is the fingerprint reader. Any way I can get this working?

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    Re: Finger print reader

    If your FP reader is recognized and gnome 3.38 is in use you can use the following instructions.

    There is also a PPA which is use at your own risk.
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    Re: Finger print reader

    A belated thanks for the reply. Although Ubuntu does recognize some of the readers from Goodix Technology, it doesn't recognize the one in my laptop. I'm not going to try the PPA. I'll going to wait for further developments. It's not critical at this time.


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