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Thread: Small business environment

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    Small business environment

    We are a small business with about 28 computers. Most are all home windows operating system My interest is to reload all of the computers with Linux and start a business environment with our Network.

    I like to have something like Microsoft's active directory for authentication tree with the desktops without using Microsoft

    All of the computers only use Libre office and a browser some some use gimp so moving away from Microsoft is simple yet I'd like to have an account controlled for one Authentication

    Under Linux/Ubuntu does this exist?

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    Re: Small business environment


    I suggest you start by googling and understanding about Kerberos/LDAP (and Debian/Ubuntu).
    Then feel free to post your questions/doubts.

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    Re: Small business environment

    The free open source Samba Suite can provide a Active Directory Domain Controller which can do the authentication for Windows and Linux. It also does windows file and printer sharing. It is mostly used in environments when you have Windows clients which you wouldn't have in you scenario.

    Kerberos/LDAP can do the authentication in a purely Linux environment. File sharing in Linux would work best with NFS the native Unix/Linux file sharing system.

    For starters I'd set up a single Ubuntu server and get LDAP/Kerberos working. Then converting the desktops and joining the network will be relatively straightforward.

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    Re: Small business environment

    I'd go LDAP but if you want authentication for both then you can use Windows AD.


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