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Thread: Video Editing Software - Good One For YT Channel?

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    Re: Video Editing Software - Good One For YT Channel?

    Olive Video Editor is my number one free video editor at the moment. I replaced Kdenlive with Olive last month and it's a lot easier to use. I installed mine through flatpak because the version available in Ubuntu's repos is outdated.

    Here's the link:
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    Re: Video Editing Software - Good One For YT Channel?

    When I last video edited on a linux box I couldn't openshot / kdenlive to run stably, so I turned to Blender's NLE mode. As a former Premiere Pro / After Effects user on Mac - and user interface is night and day (blender's learning curve is steeeeeeep): however, blender is very powerful and has lots of tutorials for things like compositing, adding effects etc

    I'd also like to quickly mention OBS if you want to do picture-in-picture or streaming. I use it for screen capture currently.

    I know that distrotube uses kdenlive and has tutorials on it on his channel.

    Anyone else have any suggestions? Would love a recommendation backed up with YT vids someone has created with said editor. Thanks.
    Watch this space!

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