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Thread: boot repair doesn't show any recommended repair

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    boot repair doesn't show any recommended repair

    I restarted my Ubuntu 20.4 and it goes into "Minimal BASH like line editing is supported.". So after googling for solution, I booted using live USB and installed boot-repair. But it doesn't show any 'Recommended Repair'. Here's the summary generated by it -

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    Re: boot repair doesn't show any recommended repair

    You show UEFI system with both Windows & Ubuntu installed in UEFI mode.
    And Boot-Repair booted in UEFI mode, but it seems to say at end it would do a legacy/BIOS install which is wrong.

    From UEFI boot menu are you able to directly boot both Windows & Ubuntu?

    If Ubuntu booting to grub> the use Boot-Repair's advanced mode when booted in UEFI mode. Do a total reinstall of grub. make sure it reinstalls grub-efi-amd64 which is the UEFI version, not grub-pc the BIOS version.
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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    Re: boot repair doesn't show any recommended repair

    Line 96 - 98 1 OS detected OS#1: Windows 8 or 10 on sda6

    Line 59 Mounting failed: mount: /mnt/BootInfo/sda7: mount(2) system call failed: Structure needs cleaning.
    Line 194 1748723712 1846379961 97656250 46.6G Microsoft basic data
    Line 214 7:895GB:945GB:50.0GB:ext2:Basic data partition:msftdata;

    The last three lines seem to indicate that sda7 is both an ext4 and/or ext2 or a Microsoft partition?

    It is baffling.............?

    Have you been using a partition editor just before this problem manifested itself?
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