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Thread: Plotting Guilloche Designs with Open Source Software

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    Plotting Guilloche Designs with Open Source Software

    Hello Multimedia Software Forum.
    I am codifying some of the mathematical functions used in traditional Guilloche designs.
    I have been relying on Inkscape's FunctionPlotter Extension for the simpler examples but am now up against Inkscape's limitations.
    I need advice finding an open source application that can take multiple functions in typical one line format {sin(x*12/7)*((A-B)/2)+((A+B)/2)}, and output the plot as an svg file importable back to inkscape. I think asking here before I start to plod through the man pages of the 24 suggestions I got from another forum might save some duplicated effort.

    Is Gnuplot appropriate for this? KmPlot? Any of the other endless "plot applications" that show up when I search?
    I have watched too many bad youtube tutorials before bothering you here. I did try very hard to work this out on my own.
    Advice is golden.

    I have attached an image of two functions and the rosettes they generate.
    Thank you for your time and thoughts on this puzzle.
    Gratefully and with respect, Myfullname Jr.
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    Re: Plotting Guilloche Designs with Open Source Software

    Stumbled onto this thread while browsing this forum "off piste".
    This thread might be dead. However, ...
    For mathematical creations you can install Wolframscript and Wolfram Engine.
    Register for a free Wolfram developer licence. Then explore Jupyter notebooks and Python > Wolfram.

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