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Thread: Does it matter which NIC I use?

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    Re: Does it matter which NIC I use?

    This one gets high marks. It's a couple buck more expensive at Amazon, but you don't have to wait for it to be shipped from Hong Kong like the one at NewEgg does.
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    Re: Does it matter which NIC I use?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
    For newer laptops that don't have any ethernet port, I have a USB3-GigE adapter. Ubuntu Server didn't recognize it, but the Desktop installers did. It uses the ax88179_178a driver. I don't see any vendor name, so you'd need to search by the chip and driver if you want to go that direction. Mine has 3 USB3 ports in addition to the GigE. It uses a single old-USB3 "blue" port on the laptop. I'd rather have built-in ethernet, but it does routinely show 922 Mbps to other systems on my LAN going through 1-2 cheap $18 GigE switches.
    I agree with you
    It seems to me that a computer with only on board 100Mbps will never take full advantage of a gigabit card.
    But the global network should benefit of seeing few gigabits packets instead of more time consuming 100Mbps ones .
    I have the same kind of USB3 hub with Gigabit Ethernet it seems a good solution for the price.
    It only lacks a 5 V external supply and some LED's on the RJ45 port.
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