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Thread: Accessing restore point, from Deja Dup

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    Accessing restore point, from Deja Dup

    Using Ubuntu 20.04 I wanted to restore to an earlier point (as far back as 2019). Whenever I change anything, I always do a new back-up, in case anything goes wrong. Which I did yesterday. Restoring back to 2019 was successful. Unfortunately it didn't fix what I needed. So I went to restore to the most recent save (yesterday) again. Only Files Manager identified restore points from 2018 and 2019 - when I know the recent backups, were from 2020-2021. I'm assuming the back-up from yesterday, is still located on my actual hard-drive, but Files Manager has been restored to an earlier point, that doesn't recognise it.

    Is there a way to see my newest restore point from yesterday, on my external hard-drive? If so, how do I go about restoring it?

    Cheers to anyone who can steer me in the right direction.

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    Re: Accessing restore point, from Deja Dup

    My understanding is that if any part of a backup is corrupted then none of the backup is available.
    You can use duplicity commands to check.
    Something like the collection-status command may help.
    typically runs like
    duplicity collection-status file:///path/to/backup/location
    cleaner example
    duplicity collection-status file:///media/username/BackupsDriveName/BackupFolderName
    You can also look at this:

    also, more on duplicity here:
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    Re: Accessing restore point, from Deja Dup

    I appreciate the time you took to supply some options. I've tried both codes, and it returns:

    Giving up after 1 attempts. FileNotFoundError: No such file or directory
    Which is consistent with File Manager, not finding the files either. Corruption may be an issue, but I also wonder if there's a problem with how the home folders were restored?

    I've always experienced problems upgrading directly from Software Updater, as it cancels part way through. Any upgrades have always been done manually.

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