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Thread: Best way to clone HDD to SSD?

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    Re: Best way to clone HDD to SSD?

    Do I need to create a Virtual Disk with the Dell System Setup and then add my grub boot partition and data partition?

    Because as of now it's saying the SSD is unconfigured.

    Update: I'm so tired of this. Been working on it for hours. Just going to reinstall linux on the new SSD then restore from a backup.
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    Re: Best way to clone HDD to SSD?

    A techmasterdesign:

    1. Do NOT use unacceptable language and invoke the asterisks.

    2. Use code tags to surround all command line inputs and outputs. That preserves formatting and makes your posts more readable.

    3. Use the default font and color.

    4. STOP editing your posts after you have received responses. You have succeeded quite well in creating an entirely disjointed thread at this point.

    Since this thread has now lost cohesion, I am closing it. Feel free to start another thread if you need to, but bear in mind what I have asked. If you have any questions about what I have asked, please see the two links in my signature.
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