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Thread: [Xubuntu / Lubuntu] Skippy-xd / Exposé

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    [Xubuntu / Lubuntu] Skippy-xd / Exposé

    Skippy-xd is an X11 software that brings an 'exposé' mode to Xubuntu or Lubuntu (like mission control on MacOS, or gnome-shell).

    It is no longer maintained and has not worked for a while on Ubuntu (and its variants).

    MXlinux has remade a version that works.
    I got the 2 necessary .deb files from the MX directory:

    I integrated a fix developed by B. Murphy, and added its xdotool dependency in the .deb, to fix the bug not displaying reduced windows.

    I modified then regenerated one of the .deb, to change the name of one of the dependencies: libjpeg62 (ubuntu version) instead of libjpeg62-turbo (mx version). Otherwise the MXLinux version does not work on Ubuntu.

    Tested and working on Ubuntu 21.04. Should work fine on Ubuntu 18.04 and higher. On Debian too, I suppose, but not tested.

    Install skippy-xd :
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:batra3/ytool
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt install skippy-xd
    Il you don't want a PPA, you can manually install the .deb via that link :

    To enable exposé mode, position the Expose.desktop launcher that comes with the .deb onto the desktop, into a dock, or onto a panel. Then click on it
    You can also run the skippy-xd-fix command by binding it to a key or key combination (see in settings > keyboard).
    skippy-xd (without the suffix '-fix') run the classical version of skippy-xd, without the fix.

    To modify the config file skippy-xd.rc (wich manages the appearance) :
    mkdir ~/.config/skippy-xd/ && cp /etc/xdg/skippy-xd.rc ~/.config/skippy-xd/
    then modify the config file

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    Re: [Xubuntu / Lubuntu] Skippy-xd / Exposé

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