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Thread: Is there any tool to create .scr files

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    Is there any tool to create .scr files

    i have wine installed, i was wondering if there is/are any programs native to Linux that is capable of creating .scr files without losing productivity and speed, i might try irfanview with wine hopefully its not slow

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    Re: Is there any tool to create .scr files

    Thread moved to the "Wine" forum.

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    Re: Is there any tool to create .scr files

    The extension .scr can mean a lot of things. But if you're talking about Windows screen savers, than .scr files are actually executables (which is why back in the day downloaded screen savers were a vector for malware ...). It is possible to set up a development environment on Linux to write Windows programs and use wine for testing, but if all you want is a slide show that runs as a screensaver on windows, than irfanview is a good idea. According to the wine application database irfanview runs very well with wine.


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