I am attempting to create an offsite repository of the data on a number of servers in two office locations. The total amount of data is 1.5TB on 5 different computers 3-500GB on each machine. This is not a backup but more of an archive in case of emergency. Years ago our main computers were in an office in New Orleans after Katrina and we had to mount a "rescue mission" to retrieve them. That eventually worked out fine, however the computers might have been damaged so I've been working to create an automatic archive. I have one both offices data in each office and that has been the case for a while this is an additional layer of insurance. This is also in addition to the versioned backups we have on each site.

I have set up a computer at a third site and have been working to replicate all of the data there. I chose to use rsync so I could run periodic crontabs to update the information and resume transfers if they failed. I believe that should be sufficient for our purposes, one of the offices has already been transferred without problems and the crontabs are keeping it up to date. However I've run into a problem with initial copies on the other office. The transfered archive keep stalling after what looks like a random amount of time. I can log into both ends at the same time and see what is going on. Neither computer is heavily loaded and the transfers run at a good rate but after a time simply stop sending data. There is no error message it just stops sending or receiving data. I can stop the interrupt the transfer and restart it but it eventually dies again. The office that has been transfered uses the same ISP as the archive site (Comcast) the office that is stalling uses ATT Fiber.

Any ideas how I can determine what is causing the transfers to stop?